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Gabriel Loire, Oil, “Chartres”


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Original Oil on Canvas


Signed by Gabriel Loire (21 April 1904-25 December 1996)

French School

C 1980s

Gabriel Loire is probably best known for his stained glass work, so this is quite an unusual oil on canvas by him from around the 1980s. The painting was executed as impasto with palette knife. Gabriel Loire was a French stained glass artist artist of the twentieth century whose extensive works, portraying various persons or historical scenes, appear in many venues around the world. He founded the Loire Studio in Chartres, France which still continues to produce stained glass windows. Loire was a leader in the modern use of “slab glass” (French: dalle de verre), which is much thicker and stronger than the stained glass technique of the Middle Ages. The figures in his windows are mostly Impressionistic in style. His design for a poster of Chartres c 1990 is an excellent example of his work. He has made stained glass windows that have been installed all over the world including his homeland, US, Canada, South Africa and here in the UK. His “Prisoners of Conscience” window in the Trinity Chapel of Salisbury Cathedral (1980) is a wonderful example of his work. This stunning impressionistic painting of Chartres, with its Cathedral prominent at the centre, is presented in a later stained wood framing which complements the painting perfectly.
Image 50cm X 75cm