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Jonathan Westell; Original Oil; “Evening: Bend of the Thames near Marlow”



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Original Oil on Artist’s Board

“Evening: Bend of the Thames near Marlow”

Signed Jno Westell pnxt (Late 19th/Early 20th Century)XX-XXI))

And dated 1890

Jonathon Westell was a British artist of the late 19th/early 20th centuries specialising in oil paintings of scenes in London and the surrounding areas. He generally signed his paintings as this one, “pnxt” being an abbreviation of the Latin “Pinxit” meaning “one paints”, ie “painted by”. Many of his paintings featured the Thames or bodies of water. His work is now becoming sought after, we believe because it shows recognisable places as they were over a hundred years ago. This beautifully painted and finely detailed oil painting is presented in what we believe to be its original gilt swept framing and bears an inscription of the title verso, probably in the artist’s hand.
Size: Frame 48cm X 43cm Image 30cm X 25cm