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Marius Girard “Barges on the Seine” Original Impressionist Oil




Original Impressionist Oil on Canvas
“Barges on the Seine, Paris”
Signed M.Girard (B.1927?)
And dated (19)66

Marius Girard was born in Rheims, France, it is thought in 1927. He attended school and college until age 19, then studied at several art academies. He has only ever been an artist, and lived in Paris. He is most famous for painting impressionistic scenes of Paris in both watercolour and oil. His paintings are much reproduced for prints and postcards etc., indeed it is thought he is one of the most reproduced artists ever! Girard sold his original oils and watercolours on the streets of Montmartre (Paris). He visited the USA and Canada in the 1970s where, it is believed, he did some paintings of North American scenes. Marius Girard is listed in “Dictionary of Painters of Montmartre,” edited by Andre Roussard, which contains the biographies of the artist working there for the years 1800-1999. This striking impressionist painting of the Seine is presented in its original framing, although we have the frame resprayed.