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“Polly’s Dollies” by Deborah Jones. Original Oil on Canvas




Original Oil on Canvas
“Polly’s Dollies”
Signed Deborah Jones (1922-2012)C 1970s

Deborah Jones was born in 1922 in South Wales. Early in her career Deborah Jones could be seen in the Victoria and Albert Museum absorbing the fashion drawings of a bygone age, and later on the same day displaying her canvases on the railings along the Bayswater Road! She has always been a prodigious worker and today, many years later, after a lifetime of painting, she lived in a house where the shelves were filled with classical art books close to volumes of science fiction, where her dolls and bears lived together. She had a varied career, which includes work in the theatre, producing props and costumes at the Royal Opera House, Glyndebourne and Stratford. She has travelled widely, on business and pleasure, exhibiting work in Italy, New York and Chicago. Painting is her great love, and all her experiences and masses of sketch books now combine to form an original style which is part imagination, part reality. Her subjects include delightful trompe l’oeil pictures, old back street shops and rich still life studies. Her work is much collected, apparently Cary Grant bought every painting in her 1975 London exhibition! This beautifully painted and finely detailed painting of a Toy shop is presented in its original framing.
Size: Frame 44x51cm Image 30x37cm