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BrocanteArt and Dusty Old Lace

I trained in conceptual art but wasn’t committed to endless hours in a cold studio for little cash, so I now concentrate my creativity in interior styling. I keep a casual eye on trends and try to look for new combinations of old pieces & antiques.

Our online business BrocanteArt has grown from being a large collection of antique linen and haberdashery, into a decorative styling business. We source textiles from Europe and decorative furniture from France and Italy.
Our style is Rustic Baroque & Rococo.

In Home & Colonial we stock quality furniture with faded patina, pieces that have stood the test of time and are now unique and collectable.
Our interiors concept brings pieces that nod to nature, ie. Brass pineapple ice buckets, concrete garden drakes, chiaroscuro still life… contrasting with light plaster, wood and mirrors.
We can be found on the lower ground and also on the second floor of the store next to stairs to the lovely Attic Cafe.

Contact details:

Email: mborg2002uk@yahoo.co.uk
Mobile: 07979960913
Website: brocanteart.com


Some of our stock

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